Welcoming Ben Runyan

A hearty welcome to Ben Runyan, who joins the Red5 Pro team as the Sales Director. Ben comes to us from AMD, one of our strategic partners, and previously worked for Xilinx. In addition to his engineering background and robust sales and marketing experience, Ben brings a familiarity with the video broadcast industry and all of its players. We have had the pleasure of working with Ben in his previous role and have been impressed with his focus on getting things done. We are thrilled to have him on board.

Ben shared his thoughts on joining Red5 Pro:

“It is great to join a world-class team leading the way to next-generation real-time interactive video streaming. Before joining Red5 Pro, it was clear that this is where video streaming was heading, so it was an obvious choice. Whether for interactive sports, online betting, event gamification, real-time surveillance, or video conferencing, one thing they all have in common is needing real-time low latency 2-way video communication. Getting latency out of OTT broadcast is one thing, but it is even harder to remove the latency from 2-way interactive video over the internet, and Red5 Pro has accomplished this feat!  If anything, Red5 Pro has been ahead of the market, and now the market is finally catching up. I am excited to be here to help capture the significant customer opportunity in front of us. Very happy to be part of the team!”

Welcome again to Ben!

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