It's happening! Your incredible marketing campaign has caught the eye of millions. Everybody loves you! Liberals and conservatives, dog people and cat people, even geeks and nerds are liking and sharing your post on all different platforms. Trending across the far reaches of the internet, nothing can stop you now! Until … it happens. Server. Overload. The silent crash is broken by your not-so-silent scream, "Why didn't I scale!? Why!!!???".

Luckily, Red5 Pro has an answer to prevent that soul-crushing defeat:

Autoscale to the Rescue!

Our autoscale solution, automatically deploy servers (in clusters) to allow for unlimited scaling with super low latency.

Rather than have a giant standing army of servers, Red5 Pro employs a Stream Manager that governs other Red5 Pro instances in real-time. It then uses live stream information to scale up or down the overall streaming architecture depending on the current load. Thus, your server fleet automatically expands and contracts as traffic increases and decreases over time.

Here is a visual representation of the Autoscaling life cycle. As you can see, it generally comprises of two types of operations: scale-out (expansion) and scale-in (contraction):

Stream Manager and Cluster

And here is a representation of the Stream Manager Stream Operations illustrating the streaming lifecycle:

Stream Manager Broadcast
Stream Manager Subscribe

For more information, please see our documentation.

In order to set-up the autoscaler you can follow on documentation for setting it up on a cloud hosting provider (AWS, or Google), or use the Red5 Pro Stream Manager API and implement it into your own hosting solution.

The autoscale solution is available with a paid license. For more information on how our pricing works, please see this FAQ. So, when opportunity comes knocking, be ready to stream it. Upgrade your license today!

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