Using Developer Tools to Build Business Productivity Tools Red5 Pro and

Increasing Business Productivity

Red5 Pro has really enabled us to build what we’ve wanted to build for a long time. Their technology scales well, it works well, and they are a very good team to work with.

Fast turnaround times, scheduling time properly, and providing estimates: everything was orderly and smooth. It was like working with a normal company. We saw right away that these are the people that we want to work with.

Russell Levy

Founder and CTO has crafted a unique solution in the conversation intelligence market. They help sales organizations determine what success looks like in their sales process. That involves identifying which deals need more focus, ensuring consistency across the teams in terms of talk tracks, and providing initial and ongoing coaching for sales representatives. Think of them as a mix of a CRM, video conferencing app, and an internal management system.

New Realms in Business Productivity

Chorus builds learning cultures to help managers efficiently coach, and reps to self-learn. Managers monitor calls to ensure consistent compliance with a new campaign or initiative. They also create smart playlists—recorded excerpts of video calls showing the best sales reps’ techniques according to a specific topic.

Don’t be a Hack

Part of the platform is the Chorus Notetaker which records calls, sends documents, creates reminders and schedules calls.  Integrating with a variety of video platforms, it appears as a third “participant” in the video chat. Ideally, Chorus would just run in the background, so sales representatives wouldn’t have to explain why there is an “extra person” in the chat. They needed a seamless and natural integration.

Flexibility for Getting It Done, Support to Actually Do It realized they required a custom solution, as they did not have the in-house knowledge, nor time to build it. With a history of live-streaming innovations and a reputation for responsive and well-structured customer support, Red5 Pro was a perfect partner. 

Deciding to focus on Zoom native integration first, the team at connected  Zoom’s recording technology with Red5 Pro’s transcoding software to transport the mp4 and metadata stream. This resulted in the seamless integration Chorus was looking for and saved them money by offloading the video compression to Red5 Pro’s more efficient software. Greater efficiency equals greater cost savings: all possible through Red5 Pro’s flexibility. merged the best possible meeting experience with conversation intelligence capability.

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