NodeGroup is a concept of virtually categorizing one or more nodes into a group. Each nodegroup is identified uniquely using a group id or name.Each group can have one or more nodes types in it at targeted regions.

A nodegroup consists of one or more origin (for publishers) and edge (for subscribers) nodes, with optional relay (recommended for a group with many edges) and transcoder (required for multi bitrate transcoding for ABR subscribing) nodes.

With release 9.3.0, a nodegroup can be created with only origins if desired. This type of nodegroup would be recommended for an environment with significantly more publishers than subscribers.

Each group has an associated launch configuration and a scale policy defined which provide the details of what to deploy, and how, what and when to scale.

Throughout this document we may use the term NodeGroup of cluster interchangeably to describe a group of Red5Pro nodes in the context of autoscaling.