Relay Nodes

Relay servers are recommended for the use case of one (or a few) broadcasters to many subscribers. They are basically repeaters which boost the signal of the broadcast.

Relay nodes do not scale (neither up nor down). When you set the maxLimit for your edge servers, you should divide that by your edge connectionCapacity to determine the number of relay servers that you will need, and then set that as your minimum number of relays for your initial cluster configuration.

Example 2: As with the above, this is a one to many scenario, but it's for a large event. One broadcaster/one stream, but over 1,000,000 subscribers.

  • origin server connectionCapacity set to 50.
  • edge server connectionCapacity set to 400.
  • Given the connection capacity of the edges, we would need 2,500 edge servers to support 1,000,000 subscribers. 2,500/400=6.25, so we will want to have 7 relay servers in total.

NOTE: the relay server still needs to be set up with a defined connection capacity, even though that is not used.