Publishing to a transcoder node via Flash

Publishing to a transcoder node via Flash

When publishing with Flash it is not necessary to use the Stream Manager proxy. That is because there is no requirement to publish over SSL from the Flash Player plugin. Assuming that the object received from the Stream Manager is the same as the one used in the previous example, then the initialization configuration for a RTMPPublisher will look like the following:

(function (red5prosdk) {

  var publisher = new red5prosdk.RTMPPublisher()
    host: '',
    app: 'live',
    streamName: 'mystream_1',
    protocol: 'rtmp',
    port: 1935,
    mediaConstraints: {
      audio: true,
      video: {
        width: 1280,
        height: 780
        bandwidth: 1000
  .then(function () {
  .catch(function (e) {