Simulated Cloud

Stream Manager provides an intriguing feature for managing custom non-cloud instances called - Simulated Cloud.The Simulated Cloud is a concept of virtualizing an actual cloud platform using a set of custom apis and some smart programming.

The virtualization uses a simple datastore to manage instances and simulates the various states of an instance to resemble the states usually seen for a cloud instance (on aws, azure, google compute etc). The simulation of an actual cloud platform allows users to manage their own physical or virtual machines as if they were cloud instances using the Simulated Cloud Controller.

The simulated cloud platform can also use cloud instances as self managed instances and turn them into Simulated Cloud instances that can be managed using the Simulated Cloud Controller.

The only main difference to understand between cloud and simulated cloud instances is that while cloud instances can actually be created and destroyed on the respective platform, simulated cloud instances are usually always running instances, whose behaviour is encapsulated using a data store & apis to emulate creation and removal on the surface.

To summarize, if you have a groups of instances that you want to use for Red5 Pro streaming with auto-clustering and auto scaling features, you can manage them using the simulated cloud deployment.

To learn more about simulated cloud apis, operations and setup, please see the simulated cloud deployment guide.