ABR-Related API Update (Flash)

The follow API has been provided to the Flash-based Subscriber to allow for Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) logic:


Request to use the provide ABR Variants when performing Adaptive Bitrate Control.

Requires the useAdaptiveBitrateController intitialization configuration property to be true.


  • abrVariants:Object - Provisioning Variants object. described above.
  • level:int - The target level to begin playback.


Request to set ABR level explicitly. The SDK attempts to properly choose the correct level based on bandwidth, but this API allows for the level to be set explicitly.

setABRLevel arguments

  • level:Object - The level to set the ABR based on the variants provided in setABRVariants.
  • firm:Boolean - Flag to set level firmly, disabling the automatic switching of the Adaptive Bitrate Controller.


Provides the upgrade settings to use by the Adaptive Bitrate Control in upgrading previously downgraded streams.

setABRVariantUpgradeSettings arguments

  • abrVariantUpgrades:Object - A configuration object that defines the associated retry limits based on levels of the Provision Variants.


  minimumDowngradePlaybackSpan: 2000,
  upgrade: [
      level: 1,
      retryTimeout: 0
      level: 2,
      retryTimeout: 2000
      level: 3,
      retryTimeout: 4000


Request to start the Adaptive Bitrate Controller to automatically downgrade and upgrade streams based on NetStatus and bandwidth.

The ABR is started automatically when providing the useAdaptiveBitrateController configuration property.


Request to stop the Adaptive Bitrate Controller from automatically downgrading and upgrading streams based on NetStatus and bandwidth.