Publishing with Encoders

Publishing With Encoders

Once the Provision is posted and stored on the Stream Manager, you can broadcast for each variant listed in the Provision using your favorite Media Encoder (e.g., Wirecast, Flash Live Media Encoder, etc.).

In following with examples above, you would broadcast three seperate streams with the names:

  • mystream_1
  • mystream_2
  • mystream_3

Using the Media Encoder, you would additionally set the associated stream quality (resolution and bitrate) for each corresponding stream name. To get a server address endpoint, you would first use the Stream Manager API to request a broadcast for each of these streams. That GET request would look something like the following:


That request will return a JSON object detailing the Origin endpoint at which to broadcast to, and in particular, the serverAddress and scope properties of the JSON response. You will use the serverAddress and scope properties to define the endpoint in your Media Encoder stream configuration.

As an example, given this JSON response to the GET request describe above:

  "scope": "live",
  "name": "mystream_1"

You would then want to broadcast, using RTMP, to: rtmp://