Migrating from `8.0.0` to `9.1.0`

Updates and Modifications in 9.1.0

No major bug fixes were introduced in 9.1.0. The biggest update to 9.1.0 was the introduction of the sendLog API for RTCPublisher and RTCSubscriber.

The sendLog API allows you - the developer - to send messages to the server while connected with a RTCPublisher or RTCSubscriber instance.

The message signature for sendLog on both the RTCPublisher and RTCSubscriber is:

sendLog( <String>level, <String>message )

Valid level values are:

  • INFO
  • WARN

Example (after already establishing an RTCPublisher session):

rtcPublisher.sendLog('INFO', 'hello world')


rtcPublisher.sendLog('INFO', JSON.stringify({hello: 'world'}))

Red5 Pro SDK has been published on NPM!

While currently not open source, the SDK build has been published to NPM to allow you to integrate into your projects with greater ease and dependency management.

Install as script in HTML page

<script src="https://unpkg.com/red5pro-webrtc-sdk@latest/red5pro-sdk.min.js"></script>

... or if you know the version:

<script src="https://unpkg.com/red5pro-webrtc-sdk@8.0.0/red5pro-sdk.min.js"></script>

Install using npm or yarn for you browser-based projects

npm install --save-dev red5pro-webrtc-sdk
yarn install --dev red5pro-webrtc-sdk


All members exposed on the otherwise global window.red5prosdk if loading as a script on an HTML page are importable from the red5pro-webrtc-sdk module:


import { RTCPublisher } from 'red5pro-webrtc-sdk'