Listening to Publisher Events

Listening to Publisher Events

The Publisher(s) included in the SDK are event emitters that have a basic API to subscribing and unsubscribing to events either by name or by wildcard.

To subscribe to all events from a publisher:

function handlePublisherEvent (event) {
  // The name of the event:
  var type = event.type;
  // The dispatching publisher instance:
  var publisher = event.publisher;
  // Optional data releated to the event (not available on all events):
  var data = event.data;

var publisher = new red5prosdk.RTCPublisher();
publisher.on('*', handlePublisherEvent);

The * type assignment is considered a "Wildcard" subscription - all events being issued by the publisher instance will invoke the assign event handler.

To unsubscribe to all events from a publisher after assinging an event handler:

publisher.off('*', handlePublisherEvent);

The following sections of this document describe the event types that can also be listened to directly, instead of using the * wildcard.