Create Stream Manager and Terraform Instances

We will now create two new VMs from the optimized disk image created.

Note: recommended for TESTING ONLY, you can run terraform, stream manager, and MySQL all on the same instance.

  1. From the custom images menu (in the Compute section) select the image that you created, and click on Create Instance.
  2. Give the instance an easily-identifiable name (e.g. streammanager-qa01).
  3. Choose the correct Compartment and select any Availability Domain.
  4. For the Stream Manager instance, we want an instance with more memory, so click on Change Shape and adjust to use 1 OCPU and 16G memory.
  5. For Networking select the VCN and Subnet that you created. Show advanced options and place a check in Use network security groups to control traffic, choosing the Stream Manager Network Security Group
  6. Click to Create Instance.

Repeat the above steps to create a Terraform Service instance. As Terraform does not need much memory, you can set that allocation value to 4G.