Migration Steps

Migration Steps

Migration from Red5 Tomcat plugin version 1.20

The only new part of the configuration to support WebSocket, is the addition of the property to enable or disable the WebSocket feature within the tomcat.server bean.

    <property name="websocketEnabled" value="true" />

Migration from Red5 WebSocket plugin version 1.16.14 and earlier

The first step is to identify a special configuration in-place within your existing webSocketTransport or webSocketTransportSecure beans. If you have specified cipherSuites or protocols, they will need to be translated over to the Tomcat configuration bean. Once you've taken note of your configuration options, remove the webSocketTransport or webSocketTransportSecure beans in your conf/jee-container.xml file.

The IP addresses and ports identified for ws and wss in the conf/jee-container.xml file are no longer used. The http and https configuration in the Tomcat bean are used instead since this version of the WebSocket plugin is integrated with Tomcat itself.