HLS Append Recording

HLS Append Recording and Rotation Metadata

(feature available with Red5 Pro server release 5.6.0)

Append recording for HLS is achieved with post-processing, using the OrientationPostprocessor and ffmpeg. If you wish to use the append record type with HLS recordings, you will need to configure the following:

  1. In hlsconfig.xml, set the post processor mode to 1 <property name="postProcessMode" value="1"/>
  2. Configure the OrientationPostProcessor per the [Converting FLV files to MP4 via Post Processing] document. NOTE: this requires that you install ffmpeg, minimum version 3.x. You will also need to modify the conf/red5-common.xml and conf/cloudstorage-plugin.properties files.

The above configurations and post-processing are also necessary if you want HLS recordings of a mobile application (with Red5 Pro Mobile SDK) using rotation during the broadcast.