By default, all Red5 Pro recorded streams produce FLVs and HLS files.

The HLS recordings create, in (red5pro)\webapps\live\streams, a streamname.m3u8 file and a number of streamname_#.ts files. In addition, if you are copying up to a storage bucket, then in the live directory, there will be a streamname sub-directory which contains the m3u8 and ts files.

If you are using Amazon S3 Cloud storage, you can subscribe directly to the URL of the m3u8 file with Safari browser or with a tool like VLC.

To list the HLS recordings on the playback.jsp page of the server distribution, append the URL with &playlists=1 (e.g: https://servertest.com/live/playback.jsp?host=servertest.com&playlists=1).

HLS Append Recording and Rotation Metadata

(feature available with Red5 Pro server release 5.6.0)

Append recording for HLS is achieved with post-processing, using the OrientationPostprocessor and ffmpeg. If you wish to use the append record type with HLS recordings, you will need to configure the following:

  1. In hlsconfig.xml, set the post processor mode to 1 <property name="postProcessMode" value="1"/>
  2. Configure the OrientationPostProcessor per the NOTE: this requires that you install ffmpeg, minimum version 3.x. You will also need to modify the conf/red5-common.xml and conf/cloudstorage-plugin.properties files.

The above configurations and post-processing are also necessary if you want HLS recordings of a mobile application (with Red5 Pro Mobile SDK) using rotation during the broadcast.