By default, all Red5 Pro recorded streams produce FLVs and HLS files.

The HLS recordings create, in (red5pro)\webapps\live\streams, a streamname.m3u8 file and a number of streamname_#.ts files. In addition, if you are copying up to a storage bucket, then in the live directory, there will be a streamname sub-directory which contains the m3u8 and ts files.

If you are using cloudstorage, you can subscribe directly to the URL of the m3u8 file with the Safari browser or with a tool like VLC.

To list the HLS recordings on the playback.jsp page of the server distribution, append the URL with &playlists=1 (e.g: https://servertest.com/live/playback.jsp?host=servertest.com&playlists=1).

HLS Append Recording and Rotation Metadata

(feature available with Red5 Pro server release 5.6.0)

Append recording for HLS is achieved with post-processing, using the OrientationPostprocessor and FFmpeg. If you wish to use the append record type with HLS recordings, you will need to configure the following:

  1. In hlsconfig.xml, set the post-processor mode to 1 <property name="postProcessMode" value="1"/>
  2. Configure the OrientationPostProcessor per the Converting FLV files to MP4 via Post Processing document.

The above configurations and post-processing are also necessary if you want HLS recordings of a mobile stream (via the Red5 Pro Mobile SDK) that uses rotation during the broadcast.