The following are required to setup the Red5 Pro Server and to follow along with this example:

  • Red5 Pro Server
  • Eclipse IDE - Suggest installing Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers
  • OS-specific downloads as details in the installation documents

As of version 9.0.0, the Red5 Pro server requires Java 11

Red Pro Server Installation

Please follow the instructions for installing Red5 Pro for:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac OSX
  • Start the Red5 Pro server: •  On OSX & Linux: Open Terminal, cd into your Red5 Pro install directory and issue this command: ./red5.sh •  On Windows: Navigate to the Red5 Pro install directory in a File Browser and double-click on red5.bat
  • After the server has started, open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:5080
  • If the server has started successfully, you should see the default landing page for the Red5 Pro server install •  The landing page can be found at /webapps/root/index.jsp of your Red5 Pro installation. You can modify or remove it as desired. For now, we will use it to navigate around and demonstrate what the Red5 Pro server can do!

Eclipse IDE

Watch a demonstration of the current section

For the examples, we will be demonstrating how to set up the project in the Eclipse IDE. The steps for setup should be transferrable to the IDE of your choice, as it is the code and method of deployment that we will be more focused on.