Download SDK and Examples

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  1. Open a browser window and navigate to https://www.red5pro.com
  2. Right click on the DOCS menu link at the top of the page and open the link in a new tab
  3. Then click on the LOGIN menu link at the top of the page
  4. Once logged in, click on the Downloads link
  5. Scroll down and click on the Download the Streaming SDK v3.4.0 for iOS download link
  6. Save the download to your file system
  7. In the Documentation tab of your browser, navigate to Streaming SDKs
  8. Scroll down and click on Download the Streaming SDK Example for iOS. This will open up a new tab to our Github repository
  9. Click on the Clone or Download button
  10. Open a command prompt and navigate to a location where you would like to clone the repository
  11. Issue git clone https://github.com/red5pro/streaming-ios.git and let the repository download to your filesystem