Setup The iOS Example Project

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  1. From the location on your file system where you cloned the repository, change into the streaming-ios sub-directory
  2. Open the Xcode project by issuing open R5ProTestbed.xcodeproject
  3. Expand R5ProTestbed > R5ProTestbed and view the iOS swift examples
  4. Next while still in the R5ProTestbed > R5ProTestbed folder, open the tests.plist file
  5. Expand the Global Properties
  6. Locate the licensekey_ property and modify this with your SDK key found in your Red5 Pro Account Manager in Downloads.
  7. Modify the host property to point to your local server IP Address. You can find this information on a Mac by issuing ifconfig from the command line. If your server is located on the Internet, you will need its public IP Address
  8. Next click on the R5ProTestbed project and then click on the Build Settings header tab
  9. Make sure All & Combined are selected
  10. Enter a Search Filter term of "bit"
  11. From the results, and Under Build Options > Enable Bitcode set the value to No
  12. From the General tab, make sure your provisioning profile and Signing Team are all setup properly