Setup Workspace

Setup Workspace

In this section, you will setup your workspace by cloning the github repository and set up Eclipse.

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  1. Clone the Developer Series Github Repository

    1. Open a browser window and navigate to https://github.com/red5pro/red5pro-dev-series
    2. Click on the green Clone or download button to the right of the page
    3. Click on the Copy to clipboard icon to the right of the git URL

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  2. Open Eclipse to a clean workspace and import the example project

    1. Open Eclipse
    2. Create a new workspace. ie: /Users/daccattato/eclipse-workspace
    3. Click Launch
  3. Import the example projec

    1. Right-Click inside the Project Explorer and select Import > import...
    2. Expand the Maven folder and select Existing Maven Projects
    3. Click Browse to the right of the Root Directory: field
    4. Navigate to where you cloned the repository and select the subdirectory 05-authenticating-connections
    5. Under the Projects: list, select the example/pom.xml
    6. Click Finish and let Maven resolve any errors you receive
  4. Verify that your workspace has no errors