Known Issues - Red5 Pro Server

  • Shared objects testbed example does not support the special characters " and \
  • Region-specific targeting via autoscale requires the &strict=true to be enforced.
  • For server version 10.9.0, if you want to record using the server API then you need to modify red5pro/conf/red5-common.xml, changing <property name="disableDynamicRecording" value="true"/> to <property name="disableDynamicRecording" value="false"/> (this default has been changed with the 10.9.2 patch)
  • For server version >= 9.0.0, if you need the Orientation post-processor feature, contact us at info@red5pro.com to help get you a compatible FFmpeg library.
  • If using the Orientation Post Processor, note that the Android SDK recordings take approximately 3 times the duration of the file to convert to MP4; modify the cloudstorage-plugin.properties file, setting the max.transcode.minutes= value to allow for this timing
  • IMPORTANT: Because of different libcrypto library versions supported between CentOS and Ubuntu, if you are using CentOS it is necessary to modify {red5pro}/conf/webrtc-plugin.properties, and change openssl.enabled=true to openssl.enabled=false

  • Some issues have been reported with WebRTC using Chrome v100 on the Mac M1 chipset, but these appear to have been resolved with macOS Monterey v12.4 and Chrome v102.
  • There are threading issues on Ubuntu 18 which may lead to OOM errors at more than 1,400 connections (Server Version 9.0.0 runs on Ubuntu 20.04 which does not exhibit the same issues)
  • For Safari < v12 (iOS < 12), iOS SDK broadcast cannot be viewed with WebRTC in Mac or iOS Safari
  • With the release of Microsoft Edge Chromium, we have dropped support for older versions of Edge
  • Some issues with some versions of Safari WebRTC <==> Firefox WebRTC
  • If you are upgrading your server/webapp from a version older than 5.4.0, please see these details on including a WebSocket filter to your webapp.
  • With server >= 8.0.0, for localhost testing, it may be necessary to set force.local.ip= to your machine's IP address in conf/webrtc-plugin.properties

See the CVE page for mitigated vulnerabilities.