Known Issues - Red5 Pro Server

  • With server >= 8.0.0, for localhost testing, it may be necessary to set force.local.ip= to your machine's IP address in conf/webrtc-plugin.properties.
  • Frame drop for longer published streams with Chrome on some Mac chipsets from 2018 (note: this appears to be addressed in Chrome v91)
  • Some additional ICE negotiation time (~10 seconds) for Firefox
  • H264 is not supported by Firefox on Macs with the new M1 chip, so VP8 must be enabled if you want to publish via Firefox on those devices
  • Red5 Pro server currently only supports Java v8. On Windows, it is necessary to run Java SE v8u191.
  • If using the Orientation Post Processor, note that the Android SDK recordings take approximately 3 times the duration of the file to convert to MP4; modify the cloudstorage-plugin.properties file, setting the max.transcode.minutes= value to allow for this timing
  • There are threading issues on Ubuntu 18 which may lead to OOM errors at more than 1,400 connections.
  • IMPORTANT: Because of different libcrypto library versions supported between CentOS and Ubuntu, if you are using CentOS it is necessary to modify {red5pro}/conf/webrtc-plugin.properties, and change openssl.enabled=true to openssl.enabled=false.

  • For Safari < v12, iOS SDK broadcast cannot be viewed with WebRTC in Mac or iOS Safari
  • With the release of Microsoft Edge Chromium, we have dropped support for older versions of Edge
  • Some issues with some versions of Safari WebRTC <==> Firefox WebRTC
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR RED5PRO SERVICE: if updating from a previous release, the line -cp ${RED5_HOME}/commons-daemon-1.0.15.jar:${RED5_HOME}/red5-service.jar:${RED5_HOME}/conf \ must be modified to -cp ${RED5_HOME}/commons-daemon-1.1.0.jar:${RED5_HOME}/red5-service.jar:${RED5_HOME}/conf \ as of release 5.7.0. See here for full service file syntax.
  • If you are upgrading your server/webapp from a version older than 5.4.0, please see these details on including a websocket filter to your webapp.