Installing Red5 Pro on an AWS EC2 Instance

The following describes the steps in setting up a new EC2 instance. We recommend running Red5 Pro on Ubuntu linux.

EC2 Instance Setup

  1. In the AWS Console, Select EC2 Dashboard
  2. Click Launch Instance to create a new EC2 instance
  3. Select the latest Ubuntu 16.04 Server from the AMI quickstart list (Note: we suggest that you choose ubuntu over the Amazon Linux AMI because the latter does not support all of the libraries needed for some Red5 Pro functionality).

Continue through the setup options with most of the default settings, and these specifics:

  1. Instance Type: Will depend on your needs t2.medium will be able to support minimal testing, while c4.xlarge (suggested both for number of CPUs and network performance) will support most live production streaming implementations. Note that WebRTC uses more memory and CPU than RTSP and RTMP streaming.
  2. Security Group: Create a new security group with the following Inbound ports open:
Port Description
22 SSH
5080 default web access of Red5 Pro
1935 default Red5 Pro RTMP port
8554 default RTSP port
6262 websockets (for second screen and HLS)
8088 second screen client registry

Ports required for WebRTC server using SSL:

Port Description Protocol
5080 default web access of Red5 Pro; Websockets for WebRTC TCP
443 modified https access of Red5 Pro; secure websockets for WebRTC TCP
1935 default Red5 Pro RTMP port TCP
8554 default RTSP port TCP
6262 websockets for HLS TCP
8081 websockets for WebRTC (severs earlier than 5.4.0) TCP
8083 secure websockets for WebRTC (severs earlier than 5.4.0) TCP
40000-65535 TURN/STUN/ICE port range UDP

* If you are running a version of Red5 Pro earlier than 5.4.0, then you must add the websocket ports (8081/8083).

* As of release 5.4.0, websockets automatically use the same ports as http/https as defined in

Once the EC2 instance is setup and available, you can now SSH into it and continue the installation of required software.

Red5 Pro Installation

Copy Red5 Pro Server to the Instance

In following along with the next several steps, please replace occurances of yourpemkey.pem and with the .pem file you defined on instance setup and the Public DNS value for your instance, respectively. Also note, your ssh login credentials may be ec2-user intead of ubuntu if you set up an alternate *nix flavor image

To install the Red5 Pro Server:

  1. Download the server .zip distribution to your local machine. Make sure to login with your account on and download the server from
  2. SFTP the server .zip distribution into the /tmp directory of your server:
     sftp -i yourpemkey.pem
     sftp>  put /tmp/
  3. SSH into the instance using the AWS credentials:
     ssh -i yourpemkey.pem

Install Red5 Pro Server and Dependencies

Follow directions for installing Red5 Pro server on linux