Config Files

Red5 Pro Server Configuration Files

  • access.properties - Remote access properties for JMX resources. Controls access to resources exposed via JMX.
  • autoscale.xml - for use on nodes in autoscaling: change "active" to "true" and modify "cloudWatchHost" value to the URL of the Stream Manager (or load balancer).
  • catalina.policy - Tomcat Java policy configuration for use with SecurityManager. Provides access controls for Java based resources.
  • cloudstorage-plugin.properties - for use with cloud storage for VOD and/or converting FLV to MP4 files.
  • cluster.xml - for use with a static cluster. On edge servers, modify the origin IPs list with any active origin servers and add the edge server's public IP address. On origin servers, change "privateInstance" to "true" to exclude origin from subscriber round-robin.
  • context.xml - Tomcat context configuration, used to configure features in web-facing portion of applications.
  • ehcache.xml - Ehcache configuration, used to configure internal cache usage.
  • hlsconfig.xml - for use if you wish to modify HLS defaults.
  • jee-container.xml - JEE server configurations used to enable / disable features such as SSL (necessary for WebRTC/secure websockets).
  • logback.xml - Logback configuration file for the server. Sets the appenders and logging levels for events written to specified output locations.
  • no-jee-container.xml - Example to instruct how one can set up Red5 without a JEE container server.
  • password.properties - Password file for Remote JMX API authentication.
  • quartz.properties - Quartz scheduler configuration. Configuration for job scheduling.
  • realm.properties - Jetty JEE server realm credentials.
  • red5-common.xml - Configuration of Red5 common classes and services. Also for use when configuring writer post processors (e.g. cloudstorage-plugin).
  • red5-core.xml - Configuration of Red5 core classes and services.
  • red5.globals - Property file pointing to the location of the Red5 default server context.
  • red5.ini - contains the server build version info (written by CI).
  • red5.policy - Red5 Java policy configuration for use with Security Manager. Provides access controls for Java based resources.
  • red5.properties - Red5 server properties. Used to modify default ports for HTTP/S, RTMP/S, Websockets/Secure Websockets. Also used to define where keystore and truststore files are for SSL on Red5 Pro.
  • red5.xml - Red5 server context or top-level coordination of other child contexts and special services, such as the shutdownServer.
  • red5pro-activation.xml - for use in modifying default ports for RTSP, Second Screen, WebSockets for HLS. Also, with 6.2.0, configure shared objects size limit and repeat timeout.
  • red5pro-webrtc.xml - for use in modifying default WebRTC properties.
  • simple-auth-plugin.credentials - for use with the simple auth plugin.
  • simple-auth-plugin.properties - for use with the simple auth plugin.
  • tomcat-users.xml - Tomcat JEE credentials for use in web applications.
  • webrtc-plugin.properties - more WebRTC configurations, for fine-tuning.