Quick Server Installation Overview

The Red5 Pro Server allows you to build scalable Live Streaming applications.

Built on the Open Source Red5 Server, the Red5 Pro Server is a standalone server distribution that provides all the possibilities from Red5 with the addition of custom Streaming and Second Screen plugins.

Download the Red5 Pro Server Download the latest Red5 Pro Server!


The following are required to setup the Red5 Pro Server:

The following Inbound ports need to be open on your server/firewall for Red5 Pro features to work:

5080default http access of Red5 Pro
443default https port (required for WebRTC)
1935default Red5 Pro RTMP port
8554default RTSP port
40000-65535TURN/STUN/ICE port range

Note: if you are running Red5 Pro on a hosted server, then you will need to install an SSL certificate to publish via WebRTC, and open port 443 - however this is not necessary for localhost publishing.

Please refer to the Operating System's documentation on opening ports. If developing and testing locally, you may also need to expose these ports in your firewall.

Quick Server Setup for Localhost Development

After downloading the latest Red5 Pro Server, unzip the distribution into a directory that fits your development requirements.

For example, we have unzipped the distribution in the following locations:

  • On OSX: /Users/username/red5pro-server
  • On Windows: C:/red5pro-server
  • On Linux: /home/username/red5pro-server

To start the Red5 Pro server, change the directory to the unzipped location (e.g. /Users/username/red5pro-server on OSX or /home/username/red5pro-server on Linux) and do the following:

  • On OSX and Linux, open terminal and issue: $ ./red5.sh
  • On Windows, double click the red5.bat file

You should notice some output being printed to the terminal/console regarding the startup of Red5 and plugin registry.

Once the console stops printing information, open your favorite browser and navigate to http://localhost:5080. If all goes well your should see the client-side pages that will help walk you through exploring Live Streaming and Second Screen with the default applications provided in the Red5 Pro Server distribution.

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