How to Upgrade Red5 Pro Server

The process for upgrading your Red5 Pro server is pretty straight forward.

Assuming that you set up your server per installing Red5 Pro server on linux, there are just a few basic steps needed to update your server.

  1. Copy the new Red5 Pro Server Distribution to your server. If you are using FTP, you will probably need to copy this up to the /tmp/ directory.
  2. Move the zip file to the same directory as your current installation (for example, /usr/local/), and unzip it.
  3. Copy your web applications from your current Red5 Pro directory to the new one. If you have modified any configuration files, then make the same edits in the new distribution's configuration files.
  4. If you have a professional license, then copy your red5pro LICENSE.KEY file from your current Red5 Pro Server directory to the new one.
  5. Stop the red5pro service (sudo /etc/init.d/red5pro stop - or sudo ./ if you are not running Red5 Pro as a service). Note: it takes approximately 30 seconds for the server to fully shut down.
  6. Rename (or delete) the old server directory.
  7. Rename the new server directory to the original folder name (e.g., red5pro).
  8. Start the red5pro service (sudo /etc/init.d/red5pro start or sudo ./ & if you are not running Red5 Pro as a service).
  9. Verify your server is running by navitaging to http://< your server ip >:5080. You can verify you are running the new release by the version number listed in the top-left corner of the screen.


Handy Script for Copying Over Config Files Between Releases

In order to use the following script:

  1. Rename your existing red5pro folder to bak.red5pro (sudo mv red5pro bak.red5pro)
  2. Copy and unzip the new distribution into the same directory where the original red5pro folder was (e.g. /usr/local/). After it is unzipped, rename that directory to red5pro
  3. Create a file called "" in the same directory that contains your red5pro and bak.red5pro directories (sudo vi and copy and paste the script below.
  4. Make the file executable (sudo chmod +x
  5. Run the copy script (`sudo ./')

This includes some of the more commonly-modified files (for SSL, S3 and FLV post-processing, and some others). To maintain this script on your machine, make sure to add a line in for each additional file that you modify.

NOTE: Release 3.0 has modified some of the default files, which have been commented out of the following script. For SSL, you will need to modify conf/ and conf/jee-container.xml accordingly.

#SSL files
#sudo cp bak.red5pro/conf/ red5pro/conf/
#sudo cp bak.red5pro/conf/jee-container.xml red5pro/conf
#S3 and FLV Conversion files
sudo cp bak.red5pro/conf/red5-common.xml red5pro/conf
sudo cp bak.red5pro/webapps/live/WEB-INF/red5-web.xml red5pro/webapps/live/WEB-I
sudo cp bak.red5pro/conf/ red5pro/conf/
#Other Configs
sudo cp bak.red5pro/conf/hlsconfig.xml red5pro/conf/
#sudo cp bak.red5pro/conf/ red5pro/conf/
sudo cp red5pro/LICENSE.KEY red5pro/
sudo cp bak.red5pro/ red5pro/