Failover for publish and subscribe

Failover for Publish and Subscribe

The Red5 Pro broadcaster (https://yourserverurl/live/broadcast.jsp) and subscriber (https://yourserverurl/live/subscribe.jsp) use the Red5 Pro HTML5 SDK which allows for fallback player support. Our examples are programmed with the following default fallback order:

  1. WebRTC
  2. Flash (RTMP)
  3. HLS

You can force the broadcaster to publish with Flash by appending the broadcaster.jsp url with &view=rtmp (e.g.: http://localhost:5080/live/localhost?host=webrtc.red5.org&view=rtmp). You can do the same with the subscriber, but you must use the individual stream's url (e.g.: http://localhost:5080/live/viewer.jsp?host=localhoststream=stream&view=rtmp). If you want to force HLS playback you can do that for the subscriber with &view=hls (e.g.: http://localhost:5080/live/viewer.jsp?host=localhoststream=stream&view=hls).