Red5 Pro Simple Authentication Plugin

The red5pro-simple-auth-plugin is a simple authentication plugin for Red5 Pro which enables you to add simple connection level authentication for RTMP, RTSP and WebRTC clients. It can be configured to attach security to a webapp on-demand by adding a security configuration to the context file (red5-web.xml) of the webapp or by applying security to each web application deployed on the server.

The default security configuration of the plugin authenticates connection parameters against a simple .properties file which contains username-password as property-value records. When the plugin is configured to apply security automatically to each webapp, it uses the simple-auth-plugin.credentials file located at RED5_HOME/conf directory. Custom security configuration at application-level allows you to override this for each application.

The plugin also allows fine tuning of security for each connection type (RTMP / RTSP / RTC) individually.