Red5 Pro - Mixer

The Red5 Pro server-side Mixer is an autoscale node that combines multiple live streams into a single one, creating a composite of all the video and audio streams. The Mixer allows for the creation of large compositions consisting of many incoming live streams, providing a single stream that is then viewed. As a result, end-users need only subscribe to a single stream rather than every stream participating in the composition. For certain use cases, such as video conferences, the Mixer provides a mix-minus audio engine which sends conference participants mix-minus audio of the conference to prevent feedback. This document describes in more detail how the Red5 Pro Mixer works with the various use cases it supports.

Mixer Terms

  • Composition: A group of independent live streams displayed on an HTML5 page according to a custom layout.
  • Composite or Mixed Stream: The single live stream published by a Mixer that contains a composition of multiple live streams.
  • Composition of Compositions: A composition created by chaining together multiple Mixers.
  • Editing Front-end: The front-end application that updates composite streams in real-time. Red5 Pro includes a set of sample testbeds for the Editing Front-end.
  • Editing Back-end: The back-end application that updates composite streams in real-time. Red5 Pro mixer solution includes a sample Node.js server for the Editing Back-end.
  • HTML5 Page for the Mixer: HTML5 page loaded into a Mixer node that determines the look and content of the composite stream.
  • Mix-minus Audio: An audio track returned to a conference participant that does not include the audio of the participant.
  • Mixer: Red5 Pro autoscale node which combines, in real-time, multiple live streams into a single one.