Red5Pro IOS Client SDK

Core SDK for IOS
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1 //
2 // R5AdaptiveBitrateController.h
3 // red5streaming
4 //
5 // Created by Andy Zupko on 5/13/15.
6 // Copyright (c) 2015 Infrared5. All rights reserved.
7 //
11 #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
12 #import "R5Camera.h"
13 #import "R5Stream.h"
14 #import "global.h"
47 @interface R5AdaptiveBitrateController : NSObject
49  @property BOOL requiresVideo;
50  -(id) attachToStream:(R5Stream *)stream;
51  -(void) stop;
52  -(void) resume;
53  -(void) close;
55  -(int) getBitrateLevel;
56  -(void) setBitrateLevel:(int)value;
57  -(void) setBitrateLevelAndMaintain:(int)value;
58  -(NSArray *) getBitrateLevelValues;
59  -(void) setBitrateLevelValues:(NSArray *)values;
60  -(void) setUpdateDelay:(double)value;
62 @end
NSArray * getBitrateLevelValues()
Returns the list of bitrate values for the levels used in determinig quality of stream.
BOOL requiresVideo
Require video to be streamed even if network quality is degraded.
Definition: R5AdaptiveBitrateController.h:49
void close()
disable the adaptive controller. Bitrate will NOT reset on the R5VideoSource of the stream...
The main stream class of Red5Pro. Utilizes the R5Connection to connect and communicate with a server ...
Definition: R5Stream.h:42
void stop()
disable the timer that checks conditions to switch quality of stream.
int getBitrateLevel()
Returns the current bitrate level that the ABR is at.
void resume()
re-enable the time that checks conditions to switch quality of stream.
R5AdaptiveBitrateController allows you to dynamically control the bitrate of the publisher on an R5St...
Definition: R5AdaptiveBitrateController.h:47