Red5Pro IOS Client SDK

Core SDK for IOS
1 //
2 // R5Configuration.h
3 // red5streaming
4 //
5 // Created by Andy Zupko on 11/12/14.
6 // Copyright (c) 2014 Infrared5. All rights reserved.
7 //
9 #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
10 #import "global.h"
14 @interface R5Configuration : NSObject
16 @property int protocol;
17 @property NSString *host;
18 @property NSString *contextName;
19 @property NSString *streamName;
20 @property int port;
21 @property NSString *parameters;
22 @property float stream_buffer_time;
24 @property NSString *licenseKey;
25 @property NSString *bundleID;
26 @property BOOL inheritAVSessionOptions;
27 @property BOOL flushQueuedPackets;
30 @property NSMutableArray *setup;
31 @property NSString *sdp_body;
32 @property client_ctx *client;
37 @property float buffer_time;
39 @end
NSString * bundleID
Bundle Identifier, unique for license purposes an App Store requirements.
Definition: R5Configuration.h:25
NSString * licenseKey
SDK License Key.
Definition: R5Configuration.h:24
float buffer_time
Desired buffer time for streaming.
Definition: R5Configuration.h:37
NSString * host
Host (IP) to connect too.
Definition: R5Configuration.h:17
NSString * parameters
Custom properties for connection. &#39;;&#39; delimited list of values (ex: "val1;val2;val3;"). Must be set prior to connection being established.
Definition: R5Configuration.h:21
Configuration object for the R5Stream.
Definition: R5Configuration.h:14
float stream_buffer_time
Buffer time request for server buffer time. Server will start dropping packets after this amount of b...
Definition: R5Configuration.h:22
BOOL inheritAVSessionOptions
Flag to allow SDK to set AVSessionCategroy options. By default, the SDK activates broadcast and playb...
Definition: R5Configuration.h:26
NSString * streamName
Name of the stream to publish/subscribe too.
Definition: R5Configuration.h:19
int port
Port to connect over.
Definition: R5Configuration.h:20
NSString * contextName
Application/Context name.
Definition: R5Configuration.h:18
BOOL flushQueuedPackets
Flag to send any queued packets for a Publisher after a broadcast session up to the server in order t...
Definition: R5Configuration.h:27