Red5Pro IOS Client SDK

Core SDK for IOS
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CR5AdaptiveBitrateControllerR5AdaptiveBitrateController allows you to dynamically control the bitrate of the publisher on an R5Stream. It updates on a 2 second interval
 CR5AudioControllerController Object for R5Stream and R5Microphones. A shared instance is used unless otherwise defined on the object
 CR5CameraR5Camera encapsulates an AVCaptureDevice and provides video data to the R5Stream for publishing
 CR5ConfigurationConfiguration object for the R5Stream
 CR5ConnectionThe main connection class for R5Pro. This establishes the connection to the server. Used by R5Stream as the communication layer
 C<R5ConnectionDelegate>Delegate for handling R5Stream events
 CR5MicrophoneR5Microphone encapsulates an AVCaptureDevice and provides data to the R5Stream for publishing
 CR5StreamThe main stream class of Red5Pro. Utilizes the R5Connection to connect and communicate with a server instance
 C<R5StreamDelegate>Delegate for handling R5Stream events
 CR5VideoSourceThe video source provides all video frames to the encoder for transmission over the socket
 CR5VideoViewControllerThe VideoView for all R5Streaming. When publishing, it will contain the camera view. While subscribing it will render all incoming stream data. Streams will be cropped to fit the aspect ratio of the view