Red5Pro IOS Client SDK

Core SDK for IOS
R5VideoSource Class Reference

The video source provides all video frames to the encoder for transmission over the socket. More...

#import <R5VideoSource.h>

Inherits NSObject.

Inherited by R5Camera.

Instance Methods

(void) - startVideoCapture
(void) - stopVideoCapture
(void) - encodeWithBlock:onParams:
(void) - attatchRecorder:
(void) - detatchRecorder
(NSDictionary *) - getSourceProperties
(void) - configureSession:
(void) - releaseSession:
(void) - updateEncoder


int width
 Desired width of the video source (subject to hardware)
int height
 Desired height of the video source (subject to hardware)
int bitrate
 Bitrate in kbps of the video stream.
int orientation
 Orientation of presentation. More...
int fps
 Frame rate to record at.
AVEncoder * encoder
 Hardware encoder set by the VideoSource. Pass frames to the encoder to continue to socket.
FileWriter * writer
BOOL adaptiveBitRate
AVCaptureVideoDataOutput * output
 Output path for the encoded data.

Detailed Description

The video source provides all video frames to the encoder for transmission over the socket.

A video source expects

Method Documentation

- (void) attatchRecorder: (FileWriter *)  fileWriter

Records captured data to local device

- (void) configureSession: (AVCaptureSession *)  session

Initialize the VideoSource with the appropriate inputs

sessionSession to initialize
- (void) encodeWithBlock: (source_handler_t)  block
onParams: (source_param_handler_t)  paramsHandler 

Setup the encoding handler. Will pass the handles to the encoder for processing the data

blockdata and timestamp of the frame to process
paramsHandlerparameters of the encoding used for setting up the codec
- (NSDictionary *) getSourceProperties

A dictionary formatted with the following keys:

  • R5VideoWidthkey - NSNumber (int)
  • R5VideoHeightKey - NSNumber (int)
  • R5VideoBitRateKey - NSNumber (int)
  • R5VideoOrientationKey - NSNumber (float)
  • R5VideoAdaptiveBitRateKey - NSString ( "YES" | "NO" )
a properly formatted dictionary with all keys set
- (void) releaseSession: (AVCaptureSession *)  session

Release the session and stop all session activities

sessionSession to stop
- (void) startVideoCapture

Start capturing and encoding video

- (void) stopVideoCapture

Stop capturing and encoding video

Property Documentation

- (int) orientation

Orientation of presentation.

Video is rotated by the streaming software and NOT in the encoding. This is a meta flag only.

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