Resolution & Bitrate Guide

For more information on balancing quality and latency, please see this blog post.

Recommended Bitrates per Resolution

The following recommendataions correspond with a framerate of 24 or 30fps.

ResolutionMaximum (kbps)Recommended (kbps)Minimum (kbps)
1080p (1920x1080)600045003000
720p (1280x720)400025001500
480p (854x480)20001000500
360p (640x360)1000750400
240p (426x240)700400300

For 2K and 4K resolutions, you will want to use 60fps.

ResolutionRecommended (mbps)
4K (3849x2160)35-465mbps
2K (2048x1440)16mbps

Note: if you broadcast a high resolution stream with a low bitrate and/or framerate, then the quality of the stream will drop significantly, and some browsers may resize the subscriber video.