Real-Time Video Streaming Fuels Wider Role for Remote Production

Remote production strategies are changing what’s possible with collaborative participation in sports, news, and other live event productions. Real-time latency unlocks new user experiences such as custom graphics, live camera angle switching, and the integration of polls and betting directly into the stream. There are two sections to this whitepaper:

1) Forces Driving the Migration to Remote Production

  • Surging Volumes of Original Content
  • Live Streaming Productions
  • Service Differentiation through Dynamic Feature Enhancements
  • Technology Support for Remote Production Workflows
  • Aggregation of Cloud-Based Solutions
  • Workflow Automation

2) Moving to the Next Level in Video Production

  • Fulfilling the REMI Promise
  • The New UX Paradigm
  • Invigorating Interactivity through Real-Time Viewing
  • New Horizons in Esports Production
  • The Ultra-Low Latency Solution for a New Era in Remote Production
  • Pushing the Envelope in a Space Age Use Case

Consumer demand for Internet access to premium content such as live-streamed sports (including esports), concerts, and niche events. Real-time latency enables smooth production workflows helping to reduce staffing expenses by keeping travel costs down. In a crowded OTT market, original features such as dynamic graphics insertions, and viewer-curated UX are major differentiators. 

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