Our Team



CEO and President

A professional software architect and engineer for over a decade, Chris founded Infrared5 in 2007 with his wife, Rebecca, and technical co-founder, Dominick, to deliver the absolute best interactive experiences available. Originally focusing on projects that exclusively relied on the acclaimed Red5 open source Flash server Chris helped create, Infrared5 has advanced with the industry, expanding into a myriad of other platforms. His goal for the business is to perpetually redefine interactivity and lead the way for the new standard of excellence in our industry. Chris co-authored the book “The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash”, and is a leader in the open source community. He regularly presents at startup, technology and interactive conferences worldwide.



Rebecca’s vision is what drives us forward as a brand and business, and it’s also what makes our projects visually and experientially elegant. Above all else, she’s dedicated to creating the kind of company where people love to work so they can create work that people love. As COO, she tackles our biggest challenges, makes the tough decisions, and keeps us going and growing. Rebecca’s background is as a creative director where she designed intuitive user interfaces, weighty identities, and brands that resonate. An entrepreneur and executive for the last fourteen years, Rebecca’s past includes working on brands such as Timberland, T.J.Maxx and HomeGoods. “Everyone at Infrared5 works together to create their best work every day,” she says. “It’s the company of our dreams by design.”

Mark Pace


Pace goes by his last name because if you’ve met a “Mark” or “Marc,” you know they get upset about that “c” and “k” thing. His background in video on the Internet traces back to the MBONE, a T1, an SGI, and the Rolling Stones. Pace successfully founded, ran, and sold businesses that all related to that thread of technology. He’s passionate about people, process, and technology, and thinks these combine to create a better condition when used properly. When pressed, he’s likely to invent a new technology like that used in distributed spam detection systems. At Red5 Pro, he works with development on the best architecture for the life of the product and on ensuring the technology best meets the needs of customers.


Board Member

With over 20 years of sales and marketing knowledge, Sean was an early investor and advisor to Red5 Pro. A serial entrepreneur and VC, Sean led three successful exits, while growing dozens of early-stage companies across a wide variety of products and markets. Founder of GrowthX and GrowthX Academy and a contributor to the Huffington Post, Sean is an active mentor, advisor and guest lecturer at global startup accelerators, innovation conferences, and colleges and universities including NASDAQ, 500 Startups, Y Combinator, Galvanize, Alchemist, GSVLabs, London Business School and the Owen School of Business at Vanderbilt University. Sean focuses on predictability in sales as a major growth factor and believes in boosting sales education. He’s now committed to working with countries, companies, entrepreneurs and those who want to work with them on building startup ecosystems and developing the next generation of leaders for the innovation economy.

Product Development


CIO + Co-Founder

Dominick is a co-founder and an original contributor to the open source Red5 project. His development roots are in live streaming and he is passionate about how to improve internal functions at the company. With his decades of experience, Dominick focuses on our internal IT needs. He enjoys developing and implementing technology initiatives. In his spare time, Dominick loves to camp, travel and spend time with his family.


Senior Software Developer

An expert developer of front-end experiences, Todd has been programming professionally for nearly two decades. At Red5 Pro, he focuses on application architecture and SDK Development. The author of three books on Flex and Adobe Air, Todd is a leading developer of rich Internet, desktop and mobile applications. In previous roles as a senior software developer, he delivered entertainment, business and learning solutions for companies such as McGraw-Hill, Motorola, and CondéNast. “I love taking all the inspiration our clients have and turning it into something even better than they imagined,” he says. “I just want to make things that are cool.”


Director of Media Server Development

Paul leads server development of Red5 Pro, and is the main contributor to the open source Red5 Project. He makes sure all the audio, video and interactive components on a Red5 enabled application function seamlessly. The code he creates and maintains literally powers all our buttons, sliders, directional pads and joysticks. “I make the stuff you don’t see, but it’s the stuff behind everything you do see,” he says. “I’m the guy behind the curtain.” He’s been programming in Java professionally since 1995, but he started coding way back in 1983 when he got his first computer – a Timex Sinclair 1000. He was also part of the team that first put video on cell phones.


Senior Software Developer

Andy was pulled into internet stream programming 14 years ago and has slowly developed his career around solving problems for service providers. He brings a solid understanding of Windows Directshow architecture, media compression, and is always looking for new ways to digitize human expressions. Andy believes that a stream running through the hardware abstraction layer of a computer system is no different than a violin bow playing a string. At Infrared5, he is one of the leading consultants for complex networking solutions involving new pathways. Before taking on communications programming full time, Andy was a foreman for condo and light commercial construction, overseeing structural detail implementations.

Davide Lucchi

System Architect

Davide originally came from Italy. He received a BS in Information Engineering and MS in Computer Engineering at the Università degli Studi di Padova. He began working with computers and electronics by playing with integrated circuits like the 40xx series. Soon he moved to microcontrollers and computer programming while also spending some time designing an audio power amplifier. Davide enjoys playing tennis, soccer and poker in his free time. Davide is a self described cat person – his family always having a least one fur ball roaming through their home.

Gabriel Pino

Software Developer

Born in Venezuela, Gabriel went to school in Ecuador before earning a Computer Science degree from the Universidad Del Pacífico in Peru. With 8+ years of experience in video processing/encoding, transcoding, compression, live streaming protocol, and mobile/web development, he does live streaming development for Red5 Pro. He most enjoys coding in C/C++, Java, React, Javascript, Swift, Kotlin, NextJS, and HTML. When Gabriel isn’t at work or studying for his Computer Science Master’s degree, he loves exploring cryptocurrency, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence technologies. He also enjoys movies and sports (basketball, tennis, and football).


Software Engineer

With 20 years of Java Server development, Nate’s love of coding is matched only by his love of good documentation. In fact, he was part of the team that first delivered video on cell phones. That makes him a perfect fit for his role as our Senior Software Engineer. From scuba-diving to the bottom of the ocean to skydiving from high up in the air, Nate has been around the world. That’s not just an expression, he has also literally circumnavigated the Earth. On more stationary weekends, Nate enjoys rhythmic analog audio signal processing and interactive pixel art combined with vector algebra.

Vasily Menshov

Software Engineer

Vasily has been learning programming since 2001 and working with video processing/encoding since 2005. This makes him an ideal fit as one of our Senior Engineers. When not tinkering with his favorite programming language, C/C++, Vasily can be found in his home shop practicing metalworking, CNC milling, laser cutting, and 3D printing to create CNC machines (among other things). Other hobbies include railroad modeling and learning guitar by youtube.



Rich is a human of many talents. Throughout his varied career he has managed adult residential programs for 10+ years, been a bike mechanic, office manager, haz mat technician, IT technician, freelance designer, photographer, and reporter. He also has 7+ years of carpentry under his belt, which continues to be a passion of his. Throughout all of this he has kept up with the latest in technology which has brought him to Infrared5 as a QA extraordinaire. Machines seem to love or hate him, depending on what he’s doing to them. He spends a lot of time rebuilding and breaking all sorts of mechanical equipment, making him a perfect fit for QA, all pulled together with a dash of droll humor.

Oles Prikhodko

Automation + Support

Oles has a passion for automating and creating systems, and streamlining processes.  He graduated with a masters in Computer Systems and Networks from Ukraine University. He has been a team lead for automation and support at 1+1, one of the largest television stations in the Ukraine. He now brings his automation expertise to the Infrared5 team. He hopes to one day automate the world and make things just a little bit easier for everyone. On the side, Oles likes to program microcontrollers which has aided him in his pursuit of smart home automation. He also likes to ski.

Monica Dunphy

Junior Evangelist

A recent graduate from Villanova University, Monica is ready to put her newfound love of computer science to work. Originally planning on studying English and French, she switched gears after taking a course in her first year eventually leading to a BS in Computer Science. Monica enjoys a variety of creative pursuits from painting and drawing, to arts and crafts, while extending that inventiveness to problem solving and organizing information. When not making things (or acting as our Customer Support Representative), Monica plays video games, travels and learns new languages.


Customer Support

Rajdeep is a member of the the Infrared5 team that turned his passion for contributing to Red5 Open Source into a job. He graduated with his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Bangalore University and his Masters in Computer Science from Calcutta. Rajdeep discovered Red5 Pro livestreaming while playing with audio and video recording and fell in love. He spent a lot of his free time from then on working with Red5 and eventually began working at Infrared5. In his free time Rajdeep loves working with electronics, specifically Arduino, and IoT hardware. He also loves teaching and coaching children, as well as keeping and caring for fish.


Customer Support

Metro-Boston born and raised, Liam graduated from Emerson College with a combined arts/business degree in the Business of Creative Enterprises. Since the pandemic dampened his plans for world domination (obviously), Liam leans on his live-streaming events and enterprise help desk experience to manage accounts at Red5 Pro. When not working with clients, Liam plays way too many musical instruments – from the banjo to the melodica – and is deep in virtual debt to Animal Crossing’s business tanuki Tom Nook.


Sylvio Jelovcich

Director of Business Development

Sylvio’s passion for building partner ecosystems is perfect for his position at Red5 Pro. He says it is a part of his DNA. As a Global Alliances Executive with 25+ years of business development experience, he comes to Red5 Pro with a unique combination of skills. Sylvio specializes in defining market strategy, GTM engagement for cloud based SaaS models, partner ecosystem buildout, and monetization programs. While at Haivision, he helped found the SRT Open Source Initiative and the built the SRT Alliance with over 300+ partner endorsing the protocol. When not focused on his career, he spends quality time with his three dogs and family.

Stanley SzeniawskI

Sales Development Representative

Stanley has spent his last three years working in cloud infrastructure. Most recently he worked at Digital Ocean. His interest in computer science and experience with the cloud is what brought him to Red5 Pro. With a primary focus on sales development, Stanley is excited to help customers understand Red5 Pro’s unique offering. Stanely excels at matching good technology with his prospects’ specific needs. His easy going nature and curiosity are just a part of his charm. Originally from Maine, Stanley now resides in Cambridge and is an avid video game player and dog lover.


Sales Development Representative

Scott is a woman with a man’s name, but that didn’t stop her from getting a BFA in Painting from Boston University with a minor in English or succeed as a freelancer before joining the Infrared5 team! She loves organizing things and socializing which is why Scott is at the front desk as Administrative Assistant. Her resume has the ICA Boston as well as the Peabody Museum at Harvard, so you know she loves art. On the weekends you’ll find her teaching artists about the business of art or on the dance floor at a local club. “My experience in events, and administration has given me the passion for being the ‘person behind the curtain’ helping things run smoothly so that business and creation can succeed effortlessly.”


Engineering Manager

Born in India, Ankita is a citizen of the world. She grew up in some uniquely different places including Iraq, Kenya, and spent several years in Rome, Italy before heading to the U.S. for her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. While an undergraduate, Ankita focused on predictive epidemiological models, which ultimately led her to the allure of the software industry five years ago. And now? Well now she can’t imagine life without the industry! Ankita is Red5 Pro’s Engineering Manager, where she leads the team on software development and quality assurance. In her less-than-copious spare time, Ankita is pursuing her 2nd Master’s degree in Computer Science. She appreciates and participates in art in all of its forms, loves Bollywood movies and music, and has recently taken up learning golf.


Sr. Product Manager

Jes has been with the team since before the inception of Red5 Pro, and has held multiple positions, including Project Manager and QA Lead. In addition to over a decade of systems administrator experience, Jes has held several product/project management roles over the course of her career. Jes earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Wellesley College in Studio Art with a minor in Physics – which explains a lot about her complicated nature.


Technical Account Manager

A graduate of Stonehill College, Bobby started his career putting his biology degree to work as a researcher focused on a rare form of blood cancer. After some time, he jumped over to the tech field working as a Project Manager for Skreens, a similarly focused Ultra-low latency video firm. In addition to his diverse skillset, Bobby enjoys an equally diverse set of hobbies including furniture building, fixing and riding vintage motorcycles, and cooking. His downtime hours will find him playing with his dog and plotting trips to see all the U.S. National Parks.


Content Lead and Editorial Manager

Based in Massachusetts, Christy comes to Red5 Pro with more than 17 years’ experience in freelance writing and editing, blogging, public speaking, and social media. Prior to that, she worked in non-profit management, where she learned how to juggle multiple hats with relative success. She holds an Anthropology B.A. with a Computer Science minor from UMass Amherst, as well as an M.Ed. in Technology in Education from Lesley University. Her writing portfolio reflects this unique background, with topics such as consumer technology, internet safety, STEM, smart homes, travel, and educational technology. When she’s not writing or dabbling with technology, Christy enjoys baking, reading, bad reality TV, and video games. She is actively involved in the maker movement and loves nothing more than a new maker or crafting gadget. She also enjoys traveling with her two teens and her husband. Their two cats prefer to stay home.



Rhiannon came to Red5Pro with a background in finance spanning over 20 years. She has put her degree in Business Management to full use with a variety of both small and large corporations. Rhiannon has a passion for working with numbers and the resulting joy from organizing data into spreadsheets. As an accountant, she helps to maintain the financial information of Red5 Pro, as well as working in A/R. In her free time, when not cuddling with her beloved dog, she can be found spending time with her two kids and husband.