XDN Technology Ignites a New Future for Targeted Advertising and Much Else

Real-Time Video Commerce Lifts Constraints on Performance and Innovation with Every Approach to Personalized Marketing

The advent of multidirectional real-time video streaming with experience delivery network (XDN) technology opens a new chapter in consumer marketing. As compared to traditional content delivery network (CDN) infrastructure, XDNs perform better and offer a simpler approach to targeted advertising with a much broader palette of personalized promotional techniques.

This white paper outlines the many benefits and solutions offered by XDNs including:

  • Disruptive Shifts in Advertising with High-Value Video Content
    • The Growing Role of Advertising in OTT Monetization
    • Social Drivers toward Real-Time Video Interactions
    • Overcoming Latency Issues
  • Expansion of Ecommerce for Real-Time Video
    • Livestream Shopping
    • Multiple Approaches to Personalized Messaging
    • Overlays and In-Stream Displays
    • A Better Approach to Second-Screen Marketing
  • How XDN Technology Enables Personalized Marketing
    • The Multidirectional Real-Time Streaming Architecture
    • Multicloud Scaling

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