Red5 Pro Release 6.2.0

Though our latest release was a big one, that certainly doesn't mean we took any time off. Following the big release of Red5 Pro version 6.0 comes 6.2!

This update improves shared objects behavior and introduces the inspector webapp. The inspector allows you to get details about your stream in real-time for diagnostic purposes. While Chrome's WebRTC internals gives a tremendous amount of data on live streams from the client side perspective, the Inspector by contrast gives you details about the published stream coming into a Red5 Pro server. The Inspector evaluates the latency of a published stream by measuring how early or late the media packets are. It also provides details on packet size and other timing information that can be helpful for troubleshooting your live streaming applications.

We would like to thank our hardworking team for always driving to improve Red5 Pro and continuing to keep it a progressive and well functioning software tool. Read below for the full list of improvements and fixes.

Red5 Pro Server

Patch Release 6.2.0, 09 March, 2020

  • Improved Shared objects behavior over cluster
  • New - Shared objects - Added configurable variable to limit the size of RPC objects
  • New - Shared objects - Added configurable variable for message repeat timeout
  • New - Autoscaling - Added nodecheck for http response (configurable variable in webapps/streammanager/WEB-INF/ - see Corrupted Node Removal doc)
  • Fixed - Autoscaling - Problem with stream stats; subscriber number does not decrement
  • Fixed - HTML5 Conference Example - Disconnected streams aren't removed from UI
  • New - Inspector Webapp with documentation and full-screen option
  • mediaConstraints added to the red5pro/webapps/live/proxy-publisher.html example to allow audio or video customization

To get the latest release, please login to your account and download the new build.
To upgrade your server, follow this link.
To upgrade your stream manager, follow this link.
For test applications, visit our Github page.

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